You can file a complaint relating to the Website or Service with GradientGlass by filling out the contact form on the contact page of the Website. GradientGlass Shop will respond to the complaint as soon as feasible. If GradientGlass Shop is of the opinion that a complaint is justified, it is obliged only to deliver replacement products as soon as possible without you being entitled to compensation for any damages. The costs of both return consignments, repair and/or replacement will be paid by GradientGlass Shop. The obligations of GradientGlass Shop referred to in this article will not be applicable in the event that the defect to a product has been fully or partially caused by any incorrect, improper, careless or incompetent use and/or if you have made any modifications to the products.

Complaints with respect to the delivered products will only be handled if communicated to GradientGlass Shop within 7 (seven) days of delivery of the products, with a detailed description of the nature and extent of the concerning defect. After this period has expired, the delivered products are deemed to have been found satisfactory and the delivery has been unconditionally accepted.